Emergence et Innovation

The Dynamics of Inequalities and their Perceptions

Image source: Sergio Larrain, Magnum

Main themes of the project:
    - Executive Summary
    - Econometric extensions: resume
     - Team involved: list

Post doctoral positions:
Małgorzata Anna Dereniowska. Małgorzata has now ended her stay in Marseilles She wrote the following report on her achievements during her stay.
Paolo Melindi Ghidi
The wide range of interest of these two post docs will be the opportunity of fruitfull collaborations between the members of the research team. They will both attend the general workshops.
January 2014: opening workshop
    - March
2014: statistical inference for income mobility
July 2014: continuing workshop
    - November 2014: Environmental Risks, Health Inequalities and Well-Being

    - February 2015: GSOEP

Environmental Justice

    - Articles till september 2015

Working papers

Working papers were written in relation with the DynIPer project. Here is the list.

Intermediate reports
May 2014
    - October 2014
    - Meeting between AmiDex and the laureates of the Emergence and Innovation, 14th September 2015: Slides
    - Final report October 2015: please comments welcome for this draft

Final conference

The project will end by June 2016 with final conference organized for the end of May 2016

26 and 27 May 2016
Le Miroir, Vieille Charité, Marseille

mixing 4 invited speakers, the participants to the project and external members. The format of the conference would include two parallel sessions, rely on a call for papers. The expected number of participants is around 60.

Keynote speakers are

    - Professor Jess Benhabib, New York University (macroeconomics)

    - Professor Simon Caney, Oxford Univerrsty (philosophy)

    - Professor Stephen Durlauf, University of Wisconsin (microeconomics)

    - Professor Stephen Jenkins, LSE (econometrics)

Contributed papers are sollicited in the domain of
    - Networks dynamics and inequality
    - Macrodynamics and inequality
    - Environmental justice and economic philosophy
    - Econometrics and income inequality measurement

Papers can be submitted on the web site of the conference which is hosted by CNRS at http://dyniper.sciencesconf.org/

Les publications issues du projet respecteront la charte de signature des publications scientifiques d’Aix-Marseille Université; elles comporteront la mention "Ce travail a bénéficié d'une aide du gouvernement français, gérée par l'Agence Nationale de la Recherche au titre du projet Investissements d’Avenir A*MIDEX portant la référence n°ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02" ou "This work has been carried out thanks to the support of the A*MIDEX project (n° ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02) funded by the « Investissements d’Avenir » French Government program, managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR)".