How to get there

You may arrive in Marseille by train or by plane. The airport is located 25 km away from the city. There is a regular bus every 20 minutes from the airport to the central railway station of Marseille (Gare St Charles). The fare is about 10 euros. Do not try a taxi. The fare may be as high as 80 euros! Be also careful that there is a bus leading to Aix en Provence which is not your direction.
When you are at the railway station, you can go to the Vieille Charité on foot. It is a 20 minutes walk.

    - If you decide to walk: In front of the Railway station, take  boulevard Charles Nedelec going down to the Place Jules Guesdes. After the Place, take the  boulevard des Dames. Then turn left in  the rue de la République. Thgere is on your right the rue François Moisson which is now under work, but there is a small passage for pedestrians. At the end of the street, climb the stairs. The Vieille Charité is the huge building in front of you. Turn left and then right in rue de la Charité.

    - You can take a taxi, but usually taxi drivers are reluctant to drive people on a short distance. The fare may be 12 euros.

    - You can take the metro. Line 1 runs from La Rose till La Timone. Take the direction La Timone and drop at the Station "Vieux Port". When you get there, you must get out on the Canebière, one of Marseille main street. The sea must be on your back. The Vieille Charité is within a walking distance from the metro station. The building is well-known and there are sign posts. Take the rue de la République. After crossing Place Sadi Carnot, take on your left rue François Moisson and the stairs at the end of this street. The huge rear of the building is in front of you. Turn left and then right in rue de la Charité.

    - When you are inside the building, take the stairs immediately on your left to reach the first floor. Take the first stairs on you left and reach the second floor. Go to the secretaries of the EHESS to get the digital code to enter the third floor where my office is. My office number is 318 and my telephone 04 91 14 07 45 from inside France.