Current working papers
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Bayesian Unconditional Quantile regression
authors: Michel Lubrano and Aziz Ndoye
2012: pdf
Reference income and inequality perception
authors: Michel Lubrano and Zhou Xun
2012: pdf

Bayesian Inference in Reducible Stochastic Differential Equations
authors: Ludovic Giet and Michel Lubrano
2004: Pdf

Density Inference for Ranking European Academics in the Field of Economics
authors: Michel Lubrano and Camelia Protopopescu
2001: Postscript

Bayesian Non-linear Modellings of the Short Term US Interest Rate: the help of non-parametric tools
Author: Michel Lubrano
2000: Postscript

Properties of the ADF unit root test for models with trend and cycles
authors: Fabrice Barthélémy and Michel Lubrano
1996: Postscript

Macroeconomic influence of the minimum wage in France
Authors: Michel Lubrano and Henri Snessens
1995: Postscript