The econometrics of inequality and poverty measurement

Master Degree AE2 in Marseille.
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These lecture notes are given without any guaranty. There are for sure a lot of  errors and approximations as they are a first draft
Most of the notes are in English. There are still some part in French, which should be translated for next year lectures

           Lecture 1 : Introduction and bibliogrphy (pdf)

           Lecture 2 :Why should we be interested in inequality and poverty measurement (pdf)

           Lecture 3 : Welfare functions, inequality and poverty (pdf)

           Lecture 4 :  Lorenz curves and parametric distributions (pdf)

           Lecture 5 :   Modeling the income distribution (pdf)

           Lecture 6 : Equivalence scales (pdf)

            Lecture 7:  Stochastic dominance (pdf)

            Lecture 8: Confidence intervals and testing(pdf)

            Lecture 9:  The pitfalls of empirical works: Inequality and poverty in Europe (pdf)

            Lecture 10: Explaining poverty and inequality using econometric models (pdf)

            Lecture 11: The econometrics of happiness (pdf

Be careful that the pdf file are regularly updated while the lectures are delivered. Material and exercices can be added.  For doing the needed empirical work, you need the FES data. You can download these data here FES79, FES88, FES92, FES96. These are CSV files which can be read by Excel. The separation is a semi-colon. Do use these data sets to do empirical work with R. That will be a very good exercice for revising and preparing your exam.