Call for Papers

The eleventh edition of the Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet will take place in Marseille (France) on June 18-19, 2012.
Launched in 2002, this yearly conference aims at encouraging production and diffusion of high quality research in public economics, with a special emphasis toward results that clearly contribute to shed light on various aspects of “real world ” public decision making. In this sense, this conference is in the spirit of the project of developing the Institut d’Economie Publique (IDEP) to which Louis-André Gérard -Varet devoted the last years of his life.
The Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet are open to all fields of public economics, both applied and theoretical. Are especially (but not exclusively) requested papers in the following categories of topics:

- Taxation (including transfers, social security, etc.)
- Local Public Economics and Geographical Economics
- Fiscal Federalism
- Provision of public goods
- Externalities
- Political Economy
- Auctions and public markets
- Regulation of firms
- Law and economics
- Environment
- Health Economics
- Education
- Normative foundation of public intervention and Social Choice
- Economic Inequalities
- Macroeconomic policy and growth

The program will as usual consist in both contributed papers and keynote lectures. Two of the keynote lectures will be given this year by:
- Geoffrey Brennan, Chapel Hill Philosophy, University of North Carolina, and Australian National University,
- Armin Falk, Center for Economics and Neuroscience, University of Bonn,
- Mark J. Machina, University of California, San Diego.

The contributed papers will be selected out of the submissions received. These submissions, which should at least take the form of a four pages abstract or, much preferably, of a version of the complete paper, must be received no later than March, 15 th 2012 by the scientific committee.
A decision will be communicated to submitters no later than April, 15th 2012.

Contact: Prof. Nicolas Gravel
Idep/Greqam, 2 rue de la Charité, F-13236 Marseille cedex 2

Please download the call of papers (pdf)

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