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Presentations and Authors

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Session A1 - Education

Education, life expectancy and family bargaining: the Ben-Porath effect revisited PAPER
Laura Leker, Gregory Ponthiere
Education and social mobility: Can democracy promote redistribution PAPER
Andreza Daniela Pontes Lucas, Eugenio Peluso
Tracking and student performance: Students, schools and education systems PAPER
Roxanne Korthals

Session A2 - Children welfare

Children's resources in collective households: identification, estimation and an application to child poverty in Malawi PAPER
Krishna Pendakur, Arthur Lewbel, Geoffrey Dunbar
Consumption by children: An analysis of economic rationality and bargaining power PAPER
Sam Cosaert
Does international migration increase child labor? PAPER
Anna De Paoli, Mariapia Mendola
Fertility decisions and children opportunity costs: a panel study for Germany PAPER
Denis Beninger

Session A3 - Indirect taxation

Distributional effects of VAT with housing PAPER
Essi Eerola, Niku Määttänen
Why countries compete in ad valorem instead of unit capital taxes PAPER
Magnus Hoffmann, Marco Runkel
The incidence of indirect unit taxes on airfares – empirical evidence from Germany PAPER
Boris Beimann, Andreas Lueg-Arndt
Social-welfare-improving and/or poverty-reducing directions of commodity tax reforms in France PAPER
Stéphane Mussard, Soufiane Khoudmi, Mickael Beaud

Session A4 - Fiscal austerity

Fiscal consolidations: impact on growth and determinants of success PAPER
Enrique Moral-Benito, Pablo Hernandez de Cos
Aggregate instability under balanced-budget rules and standard labor market PAPER
Nicolas Abad, Alain Venditti, Thomas Seegmuller
Choosing "Ms or Mr Right" for a balanced budget: first evidence from OECD countries PAPER
Sebastian Thomasius
Smoothing shocks and balancing budgets in a currency union PAPER
James Costain, Beatriz de Blas

Session A5 - Interaction between jurisdictions and groups

International tax competition and the deficit bias PAPER
Calin Arcalean
Group bargaining and conflict PAPER
Nicolas Quérou
The effect of neighborhood spillovers on mortgage selection PAPER
Ruben Hernandez, Rajdeep Sengupta

Session A6 - Explanation of inequalities

Bayesian unconditional quantile regression: an analysis of recent expansions in wage structure and earnings inequality in the U.S. 1992-2009 PAPER
Abdoul Aziz Junior Ndoye, Michel Lubrano
Contributions of taxes and benefits to vertical, horizontal and redistributive effects PAPER
Ivica Urban
The contribution of housing to the dynamics of inequalities PAPER
Modibo Sidibé

Session A7 - Public policies in the long run

Optimal fertility along the lifecycle PAPER
Gregory Ponthiere, Pierre Pestieau
Pension reform, employment by age, and long-run growth in an olg model with heterogeneous abilities PAPER
Tim Buyse, Freddy Heylen, Renaat Van de Kerckhove
Ex post intergenerational equity and discounting PAPER
Marc Fleurbaey, Stéphane Zuber

Session A8 - Attitudes toward uncertainty and risk

Reconciling consumption inequality with income inequality PAPER
Vadym Lepetyuk, Christian A. Stoltenberg
Variational rationality and the unsatisfed man: behavioral traps and the course pursuit between aspirations capabilities and beliefs PAPER
Antoine Soubeyran
Revisiting Ellsberg's examples: an experimental elicitation of recursive models PAPER
Olivier l'Haridon, Mohammed Abdellaoui, Antoine Nebout
Popular support for rank-dependent social evaluation functions PAPER
Rafael Salas, Juan Gabriel Rodriguez

Session B1 - Aggregate instability

Rational bubbles and macroeconomic fluctuations: the (de-)stabilizing role of monetary policy PAPER
Lise Clain-Chamosset-Yvrard, Thomas Seegmuller
The environmental Kuznets curve and equilibrium indeterminacy PAPER
Rafaela M. Perez, Esther Fernández, Jesús Ruiz
Evolution of environmental concern and the dynamics of pollution PAPER
Emeline Bezin

Session B2 - Capital taxation

The impact of introducing an interest barrier - Evidence from the german corporation tax reform 2008 PAPER
Hermann Buslei, Martin Simmler
Inheritance as a disincentive to labor effort PAPER
Elin Halvorsen, Thor O. Thoresen, Erlend E. Bø

Session B3 - Regulation of health

In absolute or relative terms? How framing prices affects the consumer price sensitivity of health plan choice PAPER
Nicolas Ziebarth, Hendrik Schmitz
Public and private hospitals, waiting times, and redistribution PAPER
Marie-Louise Leroux, Chiara Canta
Entry of new drugs, optimal insurance coverage and reference pricing regulation PAPER
Jean-Marie Lozachmeur, David Bardey, Bruno Jullien

Session B4 - Economic development

Government restrictions for land and permits: firm-level evidence on obstacles to economic development in transition countries PAPER
John Edwin Anderson
Entrepreneurship versus joblessness: explaining the rise in self-employment PAPER
Paolo Falco, Luke Haywood

Session B5 - Experimental economics

How to play games? Nash versus Berge behaviour rules PAPER
Pierre Courtois, Rabia Nessah, Tarik Tazdaït
On attitude towards choice: some experimental evidence of choice aversion PAPER
Benoît Tarroux, Fabrice Le Lec
Intermittent sanctions and cooperation in a public good game PAPER

Session B6 - Discrimination

Can political reservations affect political equilibria in the long-term? Evidence from local elections in rural India PAPER
Hari Nagarajan, Songqing Jin, Klaus Deininger
Does competition induce hiring equity? PAPER
Clémence Berson

Session B7 - Fiscal decentralization 1

Monitoring and fiscal adjustment: the norwegian list of shame PAPER
Arnt Ove Hopland
Partial fiscal decentralization and public-sector heterogeneity PAPER
Lars-Erik Borge, Jan K. Brueckner, Jorn Rattso

Session C1 - Capital taxation and financial structure

How do taxes affect investment when firms face financial constraints? PAPER
Martin Simmler
Differential taxation and firms' financial leverage – Evidence from the introduction of a flat tax on interest income PAPER
Frank M. Fossen, Martin Simmler
Taxation and corporate choices in credit markets with asymmetric information PAPER
Francesco Cohen, Alessandro Fedele, Paolo M. Panteghini

Session C2 - Production of science and research

Dominance relations when both quantity and quality matter and applications, to the comparison of US research universities and worldwide top departments in economics PAPER
Nicolas Carayol, Agenor Lahatte
Paradigm shift PAPER
Habib Dogguy, Damien Besancenot

Session C3 - Fiscal decentralization 2

Legislative term limits and state aid to local governments PAPER
Mehmet Serkan Tosun, Pavel Yakovlev, William P. Lewis
Efficient centralization: political accountability and regional disparities PAPER
Federico Boffa, Amedeo Piolatto, Giacomo Antonio Maria Ponzetto

Session C4 - Free riding

Sequential teamwork in competitive environments: theory and evidence from swimming data PAPER
Michael Neugart, Matteo Guido Richiardi
Unilateral actions and environmental agreements PAPER
Aurélie Slechten
Direct provision of public goods with many agents PAPER
Stefan Behringer

Session C5 - Growth 1

Distortionary taxes and public investment in a model of investment specific technological change PAPER
Chetan Ghate, Monisankar Bishnu, Pawan Gopalakrishnan
Dynamic analysis of reducing public debts in an endogenous growth model with public capital PAPER
Noritaka Maebayashi, Takeo Hori, Koichi Futagami

Session C6 - Optimal income taxation 1

Do mobile pensioners threaten the deferred taxation of savings? PAPER
Volker Meier, Andreas Wagener
Signing distortions in optimal tax and other adverse selection problems with random participation PAPER
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann, Bruno Van der Linden
Optimal income taxation with frictional unemployment and loss of human capital PAPER
Louis Perrault

Session D1 - Health 1

Willingness to pay and QALYs: what can we learn about valuing foodborne risk? PAPER
Henrik Andersson, Kristian Sundström, James Hammitt
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? The impact of the 1918 spanish flu epidemic on economic performance in Sweden PAPER
Martin Karlsson, Therese Nilsson, Stefan Pichler
How are inpatient expenditures of very old people decreasing ? An investigation on French data PAPER
Pauline Ricci, Hélène Huber, Brigitte Dormont
Political electoral cycles and evolution of italian health care system financing PAPER
Stefano Lucarelli, Fabio Fiorillo

Session D2 - Network industry

Governance of public broadcasters and television consumption PAPER
Christine Benesch
Marginal Costs of Public Funds from Regulation PAPER
Yves Francis Odia Ndongo

Session D3 - Multidimensional poverty and inequality

Social welfare comparisons with fourth-order utility derivatives PAPER
Christophe Muller
Multidimensional poverty measurement: Should we take preferences into account? PAPER
Koen Decancq, Marc Fleurbaey, François Maniquet
Ordinal utility subjective poverty line and equivalent scales PAPER
Andrew Grodner, Rafael Salas

Session D4 - Migrations

Preferences for redistribution among emigrants from a welfare state 1 PAPER
Ilpo Kauppinen, Panu Poutvaara
Remittances and incentive to migrate: An epidemic approach of migration PAPER
Claire Naiditch, Agnes Tomini, Christian Ben Lakhdar
Tradable immigration quotas PAPER
Hillel Rapoport, Jesus Fernandez-Huertas Moraga
National identity and migrants' assimilation in France PAPER
Gabin Langevin, Pascaline Vincent

Session D5 - Management of imperfectly renewable resources

Sharing water from many rivers PAPER
Lionel Richefort, Yann Rébillé
The Willingness to Save and the distribution of income: an empirical analysis on energy saving and its determinants PAPER
Gionata Castaldi, Mariangela Zoli
Optimal harvesting of a spatial renewable resource PAPER
Stefan Behringer, Thorsten Upmann
Optimum tariffs and exhaustible resources: theory and evidence for gasoline PAPER
Julien Daubanes, Lisa Leinert

Session D6 - Asymetric information

Genetic testing with primary prevention and moral hazard PAPER
Philippe De Donder, David Bardey
The looking-glass self effect on the microcredit market: theory and evidence from a french MFI PAPER
Renaud Bourlès, Anastasia Cozarenco, Xavier Joutard, Dominique Henriet
Bidimensional screening in a vocation-based labor market PAPER
Francesca Barigozzi, Nadia Burani
Capital Requirements for Large Risks: the Internal Agency Problem Matters! PAPER
Nataliya Klimenko

Session D7 - Political competition

Moonlighting politicians: motivation matters! PAPER
Alessandro Fedele, Paolo Naticchioni
A model of endogenous property rights in a democracy PAPER
Georgi Boichev

Session D8 - Post-secondary education

The (forthcoming?) emergence of for-profit higher education institutions PAPER
Julien Jacqmin
Beliefs, capacity constraints and voluntary education decisions PAPER
Piotr Spiewanowski
The expansion of the higher education sector: a tale of two regions PAPER
Marisa Hidalgo, Guadalupe Valera

Session E1 - Voting 1

Pandering, faith, and electoral competition PAPER
Gabriele Gratton
Can we Avoid (and Should we Avoid) Vote Swapping in Representative Democracies? PAPER
Sebastian Bervoets, Vincent Merlin
Voting on road congestion policy PAPER
Antonio Russo

Session E2 - Young and old on the labour market

A scarred generation? French evidence on young people entering into tough labour market PAPER
Augustin Vicard, Mathilde Gaini, Aude Leduc
School as a shelter? School leavingage and the business cycle in France PAPER
Aude Leduc, Mathilde Gaini, Augustin Vicard
How do older displaced workers get by: re-employment, early retirement, or disability benefits? PAPER
David M. Gray, Ross Finnie

Session E3 - Tax evasion 1

The end of bank secrecy? An evaluation of the G20 tax haven crackdown PAPER
Gabriel Zucman, Niels Johannesen
Solving the Yitzhaki paradoxe: income tax evasion and reference dependence under cumulative prospect theory PAPER
Gwenola Trotin
Tax Evasion and Retroactivity with Statute of Limitations PAPER
Raluca Pavel, Jean-Cristophe Poudou, Marc Willinger

Session E4 - Procurement 1

Dual sourcing under risky public procurement PAPER
Vanessa Valéro
Home biased procurement, comparative advantage and wage inequality PAPER
Mandy Michel

Session E5 - Pensions

Self-Control, Commitment and the Redistributive Role of Public Pensions PAPER
Jean-Denis Garon
Time Inconsistency and Retirement Choice PAPER
T. Scott Findley, Frank N. Caliendo
Self-enforcing intergenerational risk-sharing PAPER
Tim Worrall, Francesco Lancia, Alessia Russo

Session E6 - Income taxation

Revenue-maximising elasticities of taxable income in multirate income tax structures PAPER
Norman Gemmell, John Creedy
Do savers respond to tax incentives? The case of retirement savings PAPER
Clément Carbonnier, Alexis Direr, Ihssane Slimani Houti
Marginal deadweight loss when the income tax is nonlinear PAPER
Laurent Simula, Sören Blomquist

Session F1 - Environmental regulation 2

The political sustainability of Germany's environmental tax rate PAPER
Kerstin Roeder, Wolfgang Habla
National taxation in international permit markets: efficiency-inducing permits allocation PAPER
Julien Daubanes, Pierre Lasserre

Session F2 - Tax evasion 2

The Impact of Tax Knowledge and Budget Spending Influence on Tax Compliance PAPER
Behnud Mir Djawadi, René Fahr
Tax evasion under market incompleteness PAPER
Marco Maffezzoli

Session F3 - Growth 2

Self-financing of fiscal measures in the EU-simulation-based analysis using the quest model with endogenous growth PAPER
Francesca D'Auria
Status-seeking and economic growth : the Barro's model revisited PAPER
Thi kim cuong Pham
Productivity growth and volatility: how important are wage and price rigidities? PAPER
Alessandra Pelloni, Barbara Annicchiarico

Session F4 - Quality of governments

Democracy, education and the quality of government PAPER
Piergiuseppe Fortunato, Ugo Panizza
Optimal extortion and political risk insurance PAPER
Ariane Lambert Mogiliansky, Frédéric Koessler
Do coalitions really cause larger government expenditures? Evidence from a regression discontinuity design PAPER
Sebastian Garmann

Session F5 - Program evaluation

Long term effect of public subsidies on start-ups survival and economic performance. An empirical study with french data PAPER
Dominique Redor, Lionel Désiage, Richard Duhautois
Police and clearance rates: evidence from quasi-random redeployment within a city PAPER
Giovanni Mastrobuoni
Assessing the welfare impact of tax reform: a case study of the 2001 U.S. tax cut PAPER
Julie Louise Hotchkiss, Robert E. Moore, Fernando Rios-Avila

Session G1 - Voting 2

On removing Condorcet effects from pairwise elections data PAPER
Abhijit Chandra, Sunanda Roy
A note on a weighted voting experiment: human mistakes in cooperative games PAPER
Eric Guerci, Nobuyuki Hanaki, Naoki Watanabe, Gabriele Esposito, Xiaoyan Lu

Session G2 - Urban economics

Assessing the evidence on neighborhood effects from moving to opportunity PAPER
Dionissi Aliprantis
The impact of urban enterprise zones on establishment location decisions - evidence from french ZFUs PAPER
Loriane PY, Thierry Mayer, Florian Mayneris
Equity in the city: on measuring urban (ine)quality of life PAPER
Eugenio Peluso, Marco Giovanni Brambilla, Alessandra Michelangeli

Session G3 - Regulation of externalities

Strategic responses to thirdparty ratings: theory and evidence from charities PAPER
Laura Grant
Mandatory labeling vs. fat tax: An empirical evaluation of fat policies in the French fromage blanc and yogurt market PAPER
Fabrice Etilé, Olivier Allais, Sébastien Lecocq

Session G4 - Networks

Peer effects in young adults' marital decisions PAPER
Effrosyni Adamopoulou
Visa policies, networks and the cliff at the border PAPER
Simone Bertoli, Jesus Fernandez-Huertas Moraga

Session G5 - Optimal income taxation 2

Optimal taxation in the Uzawa-Lucas model with externality in human capital PAPER
Arantza Gorostiaga, Jana Hromcová, Miguel-Ángel López-García
Optimal taxation of polluting goods… and also clean ones PAPER
Fanny Henriet
Optimal taxation and occupational choice: the redistributive role of production inefficiencies PAPER
Renato Gomes, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur, Alessandro Pavan

Session H1 - Fiscal federalism

Assist or desist? Intergovernmental grants, conditional bailouts, and the soft budget constraint PAPER
Jens Dietrichson, Lina Maria Ellegård
A structural approach for analyzing fiscal equalization PAPER
Audun Langørgen
The efficiency of local public service production: the impact of size and institutions PAPER
Peter Bönisch, Peter Haug, Annette Illy, Lukas Schreier

Session H2 - Health 2

Quality of service and cost-efficiency of french nursing homes PAPER
Cécile Martin, Brigitte Dormont
Impact of a free means-tested complementary health insurance on doctor visits: a regression discontinuity analysis PAPER
Sophie Guthmuller, Jérôme Wittwer

Session H3 - Housing prices

Industrial risks and housing prices PAPER
Céline Grislain-Letrémy, Arthur Katossky
Ordinal housing quality and nonlinear pricing PAPER
Dennis Epple, Luis Eduardo Quintero, Holger Sieg
Empowerment zones and the housing market: the french case PAPER
Tristan-Pierre Maury, Stephane Gregoir

Session H4 - Human passions

The role of passionate individuals in economic development PAPER
Roman Leonidovich Zakharenko
Self esteem and task performance - Evidence from educational outcomes PAPER
Oliver Himmler, Tobias Koenig
Sin licenses revisited PAPER
Markus Haavio, Kaisa Kotakorpi

Session H5 - Normative foundation of public intervention

Behavioral Welfare Economics and Redistribution PAPER
Marc Fleurbaey, Erik Schokkaert
Equalization of opportunity: definitions and implementable conditions PAPER
Francesco Andreoli, Arnaud Lefranc
Talents, preferences and social welfare PAPER
Patrick Moyes, Udo Ebert

Session H6 - Environmental regulation 1

Thick as particulate soup PAPER
Zack Brown, Jerome Silva
The trade-redistribution-pollution nexus in a general equilibrium framework PAPER
Estelle Gozlan, Philippe Bontems
Le crédit d'impôt dédié au développement durable : une évaluation économétrique PAPER
Amélie Mauroux

Session H7 - Regulation of the financial sector

Illiquidity, fire-sales and capital structure PAPER
Afrasiab Mirza
Did affordable housing legislation contribute to the subprime securities boom ? PAPER
Ruben Hernandez, Andra C. Ghent, Michael T. Owyang

Session I1 - Labour markets

Unemployment benefits: Is only that they reduce re-employment probabilities? An analysis using spanish data PAPER
Yolanda Rebollo, Jose Ignacio García-Pérez
Childhood sporting activities and adult labour-market outcomes PAPER
Charlotte Cabane, Andrew Clark

Session I2 - Law and economics

Past dominations, current institutions and the italian regional economic performance PAPER
Adriana Di Liberto, Marco Sideri
Pretrial negotiation and the standard of proof PAPER
Edwige Marion

Session I3 - Local public economics and land price

Endogenous income distribution and optimal taxation in economies with a local public good PAPER
Fabien Moizeau, David Bardey, Fernando Jaramillo
The segregative properties of endogenous jurisdiction formation with a land market PAPER
Nicolas Gravel, Rémy Oddou

Session I4 - Long time care

Long-term care policy, myopia and redistribution PAPER
Helmuth Cremer, Kerstin Roeder
Long term care insurance and family norms PAPER
Chiara Canta, Pierre Pestieau
The bequest tax as long-term care insurance PAPER
Johann K Brunner

Session I5 - Imperfect competition

Limit-pricing oil monopolies when demand is inelastic, resource taxation and substitutes subsidies PAPER
Saraly Andrade de Sá, Julien Daubanes, Ujjayant Chakravorty
Enforcement of European Competition Policy - Impact on Competition and Efficiency PAPER
Gordon Jochem Klein, Andrea Guenster

Session I6 - Measurement of inequality and segregation

Proposing indicators to measure achievement and shortfall inequality consistently PAPER
Casilda Lasso de la Vega, Oihana Aristondo
Weakly decomposable and unit-consistent inequality measures: Characterizations of two-parameter families of Gini indices PAPER
Pauline Mornet, Stéphane Mussard
The Measurement of Multi-group Dissimilarity and Related Orders PAPER
Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli

Session J1 - Tax competition

Tax interaction among Walloon Municipalities: is there room for yardstick competition, intellectual trend and partisan monopoly effect? PAPER
Marcel Gérard, Laurent van Malderen
Illegal immigration and fiscal competition PAPER
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Santiago M. Pinto

Session J2 - Procurement 2

Security bid auctions for agency contracts PAPER
Byoung Heon Jun, Elmar Wolfstetter
Blacklisting in Russian public procurement: how it doesn't work PAPER
Elena Podkolzina, Tatyana Voytova

Session J3 - Games and Networks

Network Design under Local Complementarities PAPER
Frédéric Deroïan, Mohamed Belhaj, Sebastian Bervoets
Getting the right spin: a theory of optimal viral marketing PAPER
Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant

Session J4 - Measurement of subjective well-being

Misery loves company: exogenous shocks in retirement expectations and social comparison effects on subjective well-being PAPER
Raymond M. Montizaan, Maarten C.M. Vendrik
A dimming of the ‘warm glow'? Are non-profit workers in the UK still more satisfied with their jobs than other workers? PAPER
Chiara Paola Donegani, Stephen McKay, Domenico Moro

Session J5 - Labour supply

Unemployment duration and sport participation: evidence from Germany PAPER
Charlotte Cabane
Domestic abuse: instrumental violence and economic incentives PAPER
Dan Anderberg, Helmut Rainer

Session J6 - International integration

Economic integration in a risky environment: labor market participation and education decisions PAPER
Benjamin Protte, Eckhard Janeba
Absorptive capacity and foreign direct investment spillovers: evidence from threshold regression PAPER
Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah, Ly Slesman
Defaulting on sovereign debt: a macroeconomic analysis PAPER
Hubert Kempf, Michel Guillard

Session J7 - Firms creation

Tax neutrality: illusion or reality? The case of entrepreneurship PAPER
Vesa Kanniainen, Paolo M. Panteghini
Entrepreneurs' initial wealth, star-tup size and growth PAPER
Erik Fjarli, Diana-Cristina Iancu
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