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Session A4 - Fiscal austerity

Aggregate instability under balanced-budget rules and standard labor market PAPER
Nicolas Abad, Alain Venditti, Thomas Seegmuller

Session A5 - Interaction between jurisdictions and groups

International tax competition and the deficit bias PAPER
Calin Arcalean

Session A8 - Attitudes toward uncertainty and risk

Reconciling consumption inequality with income inequality PAPER
Vadym Lepetyuk, Christian A. Stoltenberg
Revisiting Ellsberg's examples: an experimental elicitation of recursive models PAPER
Olivier l'Haridon, Mohammed Abdellaoui, Antoine Nebout

Session B4 - Economic development

Government restrictions for land and permits: firm-level evidence on obstacles to economic development in transition countries PAPER
John Edwin Anderson

Session D1 - Health 1

Willingness to pay and QALYs: what can we learn about valuing foodborne risk? PAPER
Henrik Andersson, Kristian Sundström, James Hammitt

Session F3 - Growth 2

Productivity growth and volatility: how important are wage and price rigidities? PAPER
Alessandra Pelloni, Barbara Annicchiarico

Session G2 - Urban economics

Assessing the evidence on neighborhood effects from moving to opportunity PAPER
Dionissi Aliprantis

Session G3 - Regulation of externalities

Mandatory labeling vs. fat tax: An empirical evaluation of fat policies in the French fromage blanc and yogurt market PAPER
Fabrice Etilé, Olivier Allais, Sébastien Lecocq

Session G4 - Networks

Peer effects in young adults' marital decisions PAPER
Effrosyni Adamopoulou

Session H5 - Normative foundation of public intervention

Equalization of opportunity: definitions and implementable conditions PAPER
Francesco Andreoli, Arnaud Lefranc

Session I5 - Imperfect competition

Limit-pricing oil monopolies when demand is inelastic, resource taxation and substitutes subsidies PAPER
Saraly Andrade de Sá, Julien Daubanes, Ujjayant Chakravorty

Session I6 - Measurement of inequality and segregation

Proposing indicators to measure achievement and shortfall inequality consistently PAPER
Casilda Lasso de la Vega, Oihana Aristondo
The Measurement of Multi-group Dissimilarity and Related Orders PAPER
Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli

Session J5 - Labour supply

Domestic abuse: instrumental violence and economic incentives PAPER
Dan Anderberg, Helmut Rainer
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