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Session A3 - Indirect taxation

Distributional effects of VAT with housing PAPER
Essi Eerola, Niku Määttänen

Session G1 - Voting 2

A note on a weighted voting experiment: human mistakes in cooperative games PAPER
Eric Guerci, Nobuyuki Hanaki, Naoki Watanabe, Gabriele Esposito, Xiaoyan Lu

Session G3 - Regulation of externalities

Mandatory labeling vs. fat tax: An empirical evaluation of fat policies in the French fromage blanc and yogurt market PAPER
Fabrice Etilé, Olivier Allais, Sébastien Lecocq

Session H1 - Fiscal federalism

Assist or desist? Intergovernmental grants, conditional bailouts, and the soft budget constraint PAPER
Jens Dietrichson, Lina Maria Ellegård

Session H3 - Housing prices

Ordinal housing quality and nonlinear pricing PAPER
Dennis Epple, Luis Eduardo Quintero, Holger Sieg

Session H5 - Normative foundation of public intervention

Talents, preferences and social welfare PAPER
Patrick Moyes, Udo Ebert
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