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Session A7 - Public policies in the long run

Ex post intergenerational equity and discounting PAPER
Marc Fleurbaey, Stéphane Zuber

Session B1 - Aggregate instability

The environmental Kuznets curve and equilibrium indeterminacy PAPER
Rafaela M. Perez, Esther Fernández, Jesús Ruiz

Session B4 - Economic development

Entrepreneurship versus joblessness: explaining the rise in self-employment PAPER
Paolo Falco, Luke Haywood

Session C1 - Capital taxation and financial structure

Differential taxation and firms' financial leverage – Evidence from the introduction of a flat tax on interest income PAPER
Frank M. Fossen, Martin Simmler
Taxation and corporate choices in credit markets with asymmetric information PAPER
Francesco Cohen, Alessandro Fedele, Paolo M. Panteghini

Session C5 - Growth 1

Dynamic analysis of reducing public debts in an endogenous growth model with public capital PAPER
Noritaka Maebayashi, Takeo Hori, Koichi Futagami

Session D1 - Health 1

Political electoral cycles and evolution of italian health care system financing PAPER
Stefano Lucarelli, Fabio Fiorillo

Session D3 - Multidimensional poverty and inequality

Multidimensional poverty measurement: Should we take preferences into account? PAPER
Koen Decancq, Marc Fleurbaey, François Maniquet

Session D4 - Migrations

Tradable immigration quotas PAPER
Hillel Rapoport, Jesus Fernandez-Huertas Moraga

Session D7 - Political competition

Moonlighting politicians: motivation matters! PAPER
Alessandro Fedele, Paolo Naticchioni

Session E2 - Young and old on the labour market

How do older displaced workers get by: re-employment, early retirement, or disability benefits? PAPER
David M. Gray, Ross Finnie

Session E5 - Pensions

Time Inconsistency and Retirement Choice PAPER
T. Scott Findley, Frank N. Caliendo

Session F2 - Tax evasion 2

The Impact of Tax Knowledge and Budget Spending Influence on Tax Compliance PAPER
Behnud Mir Djawadi, René Fahr

Session F4 - Quality of governments

Democracy, education and the quality of government PAPER
Piergiuseppe Fortunato, Ugo Panizza

Session G4 - Networks

Visa policies, networks and the cliff at the border PAPER
Simone Bertoli, Jesus Fernandez-Huertas Moraga

Session H5 - Normative foundation of public intervention

Behavioral Welfare Economics and Redistribution PAPER
Marc Fleurbaey, Erik Schokkaert

Session J7 - Firms creation

Entrepreneurs' initial wealth, star-tup size and growth PAPER
Erik Fjarli, Diana-Cristina Iancu
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