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Session A3 - Indirect taxation

Why countries compete in ad valorem instead of unit capital taxes PAPER
Magnus Hoffmann, Marco Runkel

Session A4 - Fiscal austerity

Fiscal consolidations: impact on growth and determinants of success PAPER
Enrique Moral-Benito, Pablo Hernandez de Cos

Session A5 - Interaction between jurisdictions and groups

The effect of neighborhood spillovers on mortgage selection PAPER
Ruben Hernandez, Rajdeep Sengupta

Session A7 - Public policies in the long run

Pension reform, employment by age, and long-run growth in an olg model with heterogeneous abilities PAPER
Tim Buyse, Freddy Heylen, Renaat Van de Kerckhove

Session B2 - Capital taxation

Inheritance as a disincentive to labor effort PAPER
Elin Halvorsen, Thor O. Thoresen, Erlend E. Bø

Session B4 - Economic development

Entrepreneurship versus joblessness: explaining the rise in self-employment PAPER
Paolo Falco, Luke Haywood

Session B5 - Experimental economics

Intermittent sanctions and cooperation in a public good game PAPER

Session B7 - Fiscal decentralization 1

Monitoring and fiscal adjustment: the norwegian list of shame PAPER
Arnt Ove Hopland

Session C5 - Growth 1

Dynamic analysis of reducing public debts in an endogenous growth model with public capital PAPER
Noritaka Maebayashi, Takeo Hori, Koichi Futagami

Session D1 - Health 1

Willingness to pay and QALYs: what can we learn about valuing foodborne risk? PAPER
Henrik Andersson, Kristian Sundström, James Hammitt
How are inpatient expenditures of very old people decreasing ? An investigation on French data PAPER
Pauline Ricci, Hélène Huber, Brigitte Dormont

Session D6 - Asymetric information

The looking-glass self effect on the microcredit market: theory and evidence from a french MFI PAPER
Renaud Bourlès, Anastasia Cozarenco, Xavier Joutard, Dominique Henriet

Session D8 - Post-secondary education

The expansion of the higher education sector: a tale of two regions PAPER
Marisa Hidalgo, Guadalupe Valera

Session F1 - Environmental regulation 2

The political sustainability of Germany's environmental tax rate PAPER
Kerstin Roeder, Wolfgang Habla

Session F5 - Program evaluation

Assessing the welfare impact of tax reform: a case study of the 2001 U.S. tax cut PAPER
Julie Louise Hotchkiss, Robert E. Moore, Fernando Rios-Avila

Session G1 - Voting 2

A note on a weighted voting experiment: human mistakes in cooperative games PAPER
Eric Guerci, Nobuyuki Hanaki, Naoki Watanabe, Gabriele Esposito, Xiaoyan Lu

Session G5 - Optimal income taxation 2

Optimal taxation in the Uzawa-Lucas model with externality in human capital PAPER
Arantza Gorostiaga, Jana Hromcová, Miguel-Ángel López-García
Optimal taxation of polluting goods… and also clean ones PAPER
Fanny Henriet

Session H1 - Fiscal federalism

The efficiency of local public service production: the impact of size and institutions PAPER
Peter Bönisch, Peter Haug, Annette Illy, Lukas Schreier

Session H4 - Human passions

Self esteem and task performance - Evidence from educational outcomes PAPER
Oliver Himmler, Tobias Koenig
Sin licenses revisited PAPER
Markus Haavio, Kaisa Kotakorpi

Session H7 - Regulation of the financial sector

Did affordable housing legislation contribute to the subprime securities boom ? PAPER
Ruben Hernandez, Andra C. Ghent, Michael T. Owyang
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