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Session A1 - Education

Tracking and student performance: Students, schools and education systems PAPER
Roxanne Korthals

Session A3 - Indirect taxation

Social-welfare-improving and/or poverty-reducing directions of commodity tax reforms in France PAPER
Stéphane Mussard, Soufiane Khoudmi, Mickael Beaud

Session D1 - Health 1

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? The impact of the 1918 spanish flu epidemic on economic performance in Sweden PAPER
Martin Karlsson, Therese Nilsson, Stefan Pichler

Session D4 - Migrations

Preferences for redistribution among emigrants from a welfare state 1 PAPER
Ilpo Kauppinen, Panu Poutvaara

Session D6 - Asymetric information

Capital Requirements for Large Risks: the Internal Agency Problem Matters! PAPER
Nataliya Klimenko

Session F4 - Quality of governments

Optimal extortion and political risk insurance PAPER
Ariane Lambert Mogiliansky, Frédéric Koessler

Session H3 - Housing prices

Industrial risks and housing prices PAPER
Céline Grislain-Letrémy, Arthur Katossky

Session H4 - Human passions

Self esteem and task performance - Evidence from educational outcomes PAPER
Oliver Himmler, Tobias Koenig
Sin licenses revisited PAPER
Markus Haavio, Kaisa Kotakorpi

Session I5 - Imperfect competition

Enforcement of European Competition Policy - Impact on Competition and Efficiency PAPER
Gordon Jochem Klein, Andrea Guenster

Session J6 - International integration

Defaulting on sovereign debt: a macroeconomic analysis PAPER
Hubert Kempf, Michel Guillard

Session J7 - Firms creation

Tax neutrality: illusion or reality? The case of entrepreneurship PAPER
Vesa Kanniainen, Paolo M. Panteghini
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