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Session A1 - Education

Education, life expectancy and family bargaining: the Ben-Porath effect revisited PAPER
Laura Leker, Gregory Ponthiere
Education and social mobility: Can democracy promote redistribution PAPER
Andreza Daniela Pontes Lucas, Eugenio Peluso

Session A2 - Children welfare

Children's resources in collective households: identification, estimation and an application to child poverty in Malawi PAPER
Krishna Pendakur, Arthur Lewbel, Geoffrey Dunbar

Session A3 - Indirect taxation

The incidence of indirect unit taxes on airfares – empirical evidence from Germany PAPER
Boris Beimann, Andreas Lueg-Arndt

Session A6 - Explanation of inequalities

Bayesian unconditional quantile regression: an analysis of recent expansions in wage structure and earnings inequality in the U.S. 1992-2009 PAPER
Abdoul Aziz Junior Ndoye, Michel Lubrano

Session A8 - Attitudes toward uncertainty and risk

Reconciling consumption inequality with income inequality PAPER
Vadym Lepetyuk, Christian A. Stoltenberg
Revisiting Ellsberg's examples: an experimental elicitation of recursive models PAPER
Olivier l'Haridon, Mohammed Abdellaoui, Antoine Nebout

Session B3 - Regulation of health

Public and private hospitals, waiting times, and redistribution PAPER
Marie-Louise Leroux, Chiara Canta
Entry of new drugs, optimal insurance coverage and reference pricing regulation PAPER
Jean-Marie Lozachmeur, David Bardey, Bruno Jullien

Session B5 - Experimental economics

On attitude towards choice: some experimental evidence of choice aversion PAPER
Benoît Tarroux, Fabrice Le Lec

Session C2 - Production of science and research

Dominance relations when both quantity and quality matter and applications, to the comparison of US research universities and worldwide top departments in economics PAPER
Nicolas Carayol, Agenor Lahatte

Session C3 - Fiscal decentralization 2

Legislative term limits and state aid to local governments PAPER
Mehmet Serkan Tosun, Pavel Yakovlev, William P. Lewis

Session C6 - Optimal income taxation 1

Signing distortions in optimal tax and other adverse selection problems with random participation PAPER
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann, Bruno Van der Linden

Session D1 - Health 1

Political electoral cycles and evolution of italian health care system financing PAPER
Stefano Lucarelli, Fabio Fiorillo

Session D4 - Migrations

Remittances and incentive to migrate: An epidemic approach of migration PAPER
Claire Naiditch, Agnes Tomini, Christian Ben Lakhdar
National identity and migrants' assimilation in France PAPER
Gabin Langevin, Pascaline Vincent

Session D5 - Management of imperfectly renewable resources

Optimum tariffs and exhaustible resources: theory and evidence for gasoline PAPER
Julien Daubanes, Lisa Leinert

Session E2 - Young and old on the labour market

A scarred generation? French evidence on young people entering into tough labour market PAPER
Augustin Vicard, Mathilde Gaini, Aude Leduc
School as a shelter? School leavingage and the business cycle in France PAPER
Aude Leduc, Mathilde Gaini, Augustin Vicard

Session E5 - Pensions

Self-enforcing intergenerational risk-sharing PAPER
Tim Worrall, Francesco Lancia, Alessia Russo

Session F1 - Environmental regulation 2

National taxation in international permit markets: efficiency-inducing permits allocation PAPER
Julien Daubanes, Pierre Lasserre

Session G1 - Voting 2

A note on a weighted voting experiment: human mistakes in cooperative games PAPER
Eric Guerci, Nobuyuki Hanaki, Naoki Watanabe, Gabriele Esposito, Xiaoyan Lu

Session G3 - Regulation of externalities

Mandatory labeling vs. fat tax: An empirical evaluation of fat policies in the French fromage blanc and yogurt market PAPER
Fabrice Etilé, Olivier Allais, Sébastien Lecocq

Session G5 - Optimal income taxation 2

Optimal taxation in the Uzawa-Lucas model with externality in human capital PAPER
Arantza Gorostiaga, Jana Hromcová, Miguel-Ángel López-García
Optimal taxation and occupational choice: the redistributive role of production inefficiencies PAPER
Renato Gomes, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur, Alessandro Pavan

Session H1 - Fiscal federalism

A structural approach for analyzing fiscal equalization PAPER
Audun Langørgen

Session H5 - Normative foundation of public intervention

Equalization of opportunity: definitions and implementable conditions PAPER
Francesco Andreoli, Arnaud Lefranc

Session I6 - Measurement of inequality and segregation

Proposing indicators to measure achievement and shortfall inequality consistently PAPER
Casilda Lasso de la Vega, Oihana Aristondo
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