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Session A4 - Fiscal austerity

Choosing "Ms or Mr Right" for a balanced budget: first evidence from OECD countries PAPER
Sebastian Thomasius

Session B2 - Capital taxation

Inheritance as a disincentive to labor effort PAPER
Elin Halvorsen, Thor O. Thoresen, Erlend E. Bø

Session B5 - Experimental economics

How to play games? Nash versus Berge behaviour rules PAPER
Pierre Courtois, Rabia Nessah, Tarik Tazdaït
On attitude towards choice: some experimental evidence of choice aversion PAPER
Benoît Tarroux, Fabrice Le Lec

Session C3 - Fiscal decentralization 2

Legislative term limits and state aid to local governments PAPER
Mehmet Serkan Tosun, Pavel Yakovlev, William P. Lewis

Session D4 - Migrations

Remittances and incentive to migrate: An epidemic approach of migration PAPER
Claire Naiditch, Agnes Tomini, Christian Ben Lakhdar

Session E3 - Tax evasion 1

Solving the Yitzhaki paradoxe: income tax evasion and reference dependence under cumulative prospect theory PAPER
Gwenola Trotin
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