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Session A4 - Fiscal austerity

Aggregate instability under balanced-budget rules and standard labor market PAPER
Nicolas Abad, Alain Venditti, Thomas Seegmuller

Session A7 - Public policies in the long run

Pension reform, employment by age, and long-run growth in an olg model with heterogeneous abilities PAPER
Tim Buyse, Freddy Heylen, Renaat Van de Kerckhove

Session B5 - Experimental economics

Intermittent sanctions and cooperation in a public good game PAPER

Session C6 - Optimal income taxation 1

Signing distortions in optimal tax and other adverse selection problems with random participation PAPER
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann, Bruno Van der Linden

Session D4 - Migrations

National identity and migrants' assimilation in France PAPER
Gabin Langevin, Pascaline Vincent

Session D8 - Post-secondary education

The expansion of the higher education sector: a tale of two regions PAPER
Marisa Hidalgo, Guadalupe Valera

Session E2 - Young and old on the labour market

A scarred generation? French evidence on young people entering into tough labour market PAPER
Augustin Vicard, Mathilde Gaini, Aude Leduc
School as a shelter? School leavingage and the business cycle in France PAPER
Aude Leduc, Mathilde Gaini, Augustin Vicard

Session E4 - Procurement 1

Dual sourcing under risky public procurement PAPER
Vanessa Valéro

Session J1 - Tax competition

Tax interaction among Walloon Municipalities: is there room for yardstick competition, intellectual trend and partisan monopoly effect? PAPER
Marcel Gérard, Laurent van Malderen

Session J2 - Procurement 2

Blacklisting in Russian public procurement: how it doesn't work PAPER
Elena Podkolzina, Tatyana Voytova

Session J4 - Measurement of subjective well-being

Misery loves company: exogenous shocks in retirement expectations and social comparison effects on subjective well-being PAPER
Raymond M. Montizaan, Maarten C.M. Vendrik
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