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Session A7 - Public policies in the long run

Ex post intergenerational equity and discounting PAPER
Marc Fleurbaey, Stéphane Zuber

Session B3 - Regulation of health

In absolute or relative terms? How framing prices affects the consumer price sensitivity of health plan choice PAPER
Nicolas Ziebarth, Hendrik Schmitz

Session B5 - Experimental economics

Intermittent sanctions and cooperation in a public good game PAPER

Session D5 - Management of imperfectly renewable resources

The Willingness to Save and the distribution of income: an empirical analysis on energy saving and its determinants PAPER
Gionata Castaldi, Mariangela Zoli

Session E3 - Tax evasion 1

The end of bank secrecy? An evaluation of the G20 tax haven crackdown PAPER
Gabriel Zucman, Niels Johannesen

Session H4 - Human passions

The role of passionate individuals in economic development PAPER
Roman Leonidovich Zakharenko

Session I6 - Measurement of inequality and segregation

The Measurement of Multi-group Dissimilarity and Related Orders PAPER
Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli
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